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IFES 007 – Finding your “Why” with Heather Foster

Inner FIre Endurance Sports IFES 007

Episode: 00​7Title: ​Finding your “Why” with Heather FosterFinal Show Link: this episode:I interview one of my long standing clients “Princess” Heather Foster.  She is an amazing person who participates in endurance events for other reasons besides fitness and personal glory.  It just might help you find another reason to reach your potential. Our conversation covers […]

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IFES 006 – Elite After 40 with Jon Noland

Jon Noland IFES 006

Episode: 00​6Title: ​​Elite after 40 with Jon NolandFinal Show Link: this episode:As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to interview my coach, Jon Noland. (Yes, coaches have coaches.  Confucius says “Those who coach themselves, have a fool for a coach.”)   This episode gives a different view of training and racing as Jon […]

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IFES 005 – The Ironman Ohio 70.3 Experience

The IMOH 70.3 Experience

Episode: 00​5Title: ​The Ironman Ohio 70.3 ExperienceFinal Show Link: this episode:Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Ironman Ohio 70.3 triathlon.  My idea was to give you audio as it was happening, but when listening to the audio I was not happy with it. Instead I talked through the race from checking […]

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IFES 004 – 5 Tips for Summer Training

5 Tips for Summer Training - IFES004

Episode: 00​​4Title: ​​5 Tips for Summer TrainingFinal Show Link: this episode:Coach Brad goes over the impacts of training in the heat and ways to help. Coach Brad covers -Why it is hard to train in the heatPhysiological FactorsMental FactorsSuffering5 Ways to Help with training in the heatHydrate ContinuouslySlurpy PriorIce Ice BabyElectrolyte DrinksTrain Early​Subscribe to the […]

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IFES 002 – 7 Rules for Cycling Safety & Coros Helmet Review

Cycling Safety

Episode: 002Title: 7 Rules for Cycling SafetySubtitle:  Coros Helmet ReviewFinal Show Link: This Episode:In this episode, we discuss7 Rules for Bike Safety1 – Ride on the CORRECT Side 2 – NO Noah’s Ark Formation3 – Helmets Please4 – Passing (“On your left!”)5 – Nighttime riding is very illuminating6 – Communicate with your group7 – Chain […]

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