Triathlon Coaching

These are Inner Fire’s rates for Triathlon coaching.  Discounted rates will be considered on a case-by-case basis

General Information

Each plan is customized for YOU, YOUR lifestyle and circumstances.


Attentive Coaching

The INFERNO Triathlon Coaching program is your ALL-IN Program.  Your coach not only takes an in-depth assessment of your abilities but also your lifestyle.  This allows your program to be custom tailored to provide as little impact on your life as you desire.  You will have full access to your coach to include 24-hour email/text turnaround (usually it is much less), constant supervision, a weekly touchpoint and one personal session a month.  That session does not have to be a workout.  Most of the time this is a strategy session, to ask questions or provide feedback on your workouts.  Whichever you choose, it will be face-to-face either physically or via video conference depending on your location.  The INFERNO program is the epitome of the fully coached experience.  It is analogous to a child attempting to ride a bike with a parent holding the seat.


Semi-Supervised Coaching

The WILDFIRE program while still having a great deal of access to your coach it is less hands-on.  Recommended for the Triathlete that has either been coached in the past or have numerous race experiences.  You will still receive the in-depth assessment, weekly planning, 24-hour (usually much less) guaranteed turnaround of communications (email, phone, text), and a weekly touchpoint.  This program is more like a child riding a bike with parental supervision.


Consultant Coaching

The FURNACE program, while still a fully coached program, it is minimally supervised.  Designed for the experienced triathlete that doesn’t want to think about their next workout, but go forth and conquer. This still includes an in-depth assessment and 24-hour turnaround(usually much faster) on unlimited emailed questions.  The athlete has the option of one phone/video call per month for any questions, concerns or feedback they might need. 

Coaching Consult

Fill out the form below for an individual consultation with an Inner Fire Endurance Coach.  Once received they will contact you within 48-hours to discuss a video conference or call to go into more detail.