My primary coaching objective for you is to enjoy the experience, cross the finish line comfortably and with a smile on your face.  You will know you did your best and have the energy to enjoy the rest of your day.

Coaching Philosophy

Simple, Smart, Efficient and Fun.

Coach Brad doing what he does best

I am a huge proponent of form focus training.  Each session will have the objective of putting you in the most optimized form for your body and style.

While I want you to be able to run, bike, and/or swim faster and longer, my sole objective is to help you become stronger, more efficient and stay injury free.  Once form becomes a habit, you will then be able to train harder, for speed, and progress more rapidly with limited risk for injury.  I understand that everyone is unique, so the coaching plan that I design, is for specifically for YOU;  your goals, and your personal life and circumstances.

I make sure that every workout is easy to understand, easy to execute, but a challenge to complete.

For either Run Coaching or Triathlon Coaching, I believe in a six-phase periodization schedule.

  1. Aerobic  – This phase will increase your endurance with low effort, high duration, medium frequency.
  2. Strength – This phase will build your strength with high effort, lower duration and high frequency.
  3. Anaerobic – This phase will begin intervals to increase speed, strength, flexibility and momentum.  This is high duration, high effort, medium frequency
  4. Coordination– This phase will put all the pieces together.  Incorporating your endurance, strength, and speed to turn your race(s) in the greatest possible experience.
  5. Peak – Here is where we top it off with a period of medium volume, medium effort and high frequency.  I optimize your training schedule, so you are in this phase come race day.
  6. Recovery – Now your body is probably in need of some rest, but we will not stop. This phase recovers the muscles with low volume, low frequency, low-medium effort.

As my coaching client-athlete, you deserve the best service with the best results, but without risk of injury. This is why I have a network of specialists at my disposal for either referral or for research. If I cannot provide an answer to a specific issue, at the given moment, then I will research it and provide an answer as soon as humanly possible.

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