IFES 004 – 5 Tips for Summer Training

5 Tips for Summer Training - IFES004

Episode: 00​​4
Title: ​​5 Tips for Summer Training
Final Show Link:  https://innerfireendurance.com/ifes004

In this episode:

Coach Brad goes over the impacts of training in the heat and ways to help.

Coach Brad covers -

  • Why it is hard to train in the heat
  • Physiological Factors
  • Mental Factors
  • Suffering
  • 5 Ways to Help with training in the heat
    • Hydrate Continuously
    • Slurpy Prior
    • Ice Ice Baby
    • Electrolyte Drinks
    • Train Early

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 Question of the Week:

How do you survive training in the summer?

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Brad Minus

is a certified running coach, triathlon coach, personal trainer and sports nutrition coach who's real passion is to help others enjoy the journey on the way to conquering their goals. He has written many articles and guest posts on the technical, nutritional and psychological aspects of endurance training. He currently lives and trains in Tampa, Florida.