IFES 006 – Elite After 40 with Jon Noland

Jon Noland IFES 006

Episode: 00​6
Title: ​​Elite after 40 with Jon Noland
Final Show Link:  https://innerfireendurance.com/ifes006

In this episode:

As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to interview my coach, Jon Noland. (Yes, coaches have coaches.  Confucius says "Those who coach themselves, have a fool for a coach.")  

This episode gives a different view of training and racing as Jon has been an elite athlete for a long time.  He talks about the differences between how he trained and raced pre & post entering into the Masters and 40-44 Age Group.  He also enlightens on some methodical ideas on training and racing as well.  

Our conversation covers -

  • Jon's start in road racing and triathlon
  • Early training and racing
  • Injuries
  • Getting older
  • Training and racing after 40
  • The physical and mental obstacles to endurance sports
  • Advice to those just starting in Endurance Sports
  • His favorite tools
  • Ways to follow and contact Jon

I hope you are all as honored as I was to hear about his journey to the elite corrals and what it took to get him there and his ways to stay there.  I learned a lot more about my coach during this interview and I know it will bring some value to your journey as well.

Jon Noland IFES 006

Jon the Dad

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Brad Minus

is a certified running coach, triathlon coach, personal trainer and sports nutrition coach who's real passion is to help others enjoy the journey on the way to conquering their goals. He has written many articles and guest posts on the technical, nutritional and psychological aspects of endurance training. He currently lives and trains in Tampa, Florida.