IFES 002 – 7 Rules for Cycling Safety & Coros Helmet Review

Cycling Safety

Episode: 002
Title: 7 Rules for Cycling Safety
Subtitle:  Coros Helmet Review
Final Show Link:  https://innerfireendurance.com/ifes002

In This Episode:

In this episode, we discuss

  • 7 Rules for Bike Safety
    • 1 - Ride on the CORRECT Side 
    • 2 - NO Noah's Ark Formation
    • 3 - Helmets Please
    • 4 - Passing ("On your left!")
    • 5 - Nighttime riding is very illuminating
    • 6 - Communicate with your group
    • 7 - Chain to maintain your bike so you don't Tire
  • The Coros Omni Smart Helmet
Coros Smart Helmet
Coros Omni

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 Question of the Week:

What Safety advice do you have for cycling?

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In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

Outspokin Bicycles

Brad Minus

is a certified running coach, triathlon coach, personal trainer and sports nutrition coach who's real passion is to help others enjoy the journey on the way to conquering their goals. He has written many articles and guest posts on the technical, nutritional and psychological aspects of endurance training. He currently lives and trains in Tampa, Florida.