Episode: 00​5Title: ​The Ironman Ohio 70.3 ExperienceFinal Show Link:  https://innerfireendurance.com//ifes005

In this episode:

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Ironman Ohio 70.3 triathlon.  My idea was to give you audio as it was happening, but when listening to the audio I was not happy with it.

Instead I talked through the race from checking into Ironman Village to crossing the finish line.  My objectives were to give a product review of the race for the experienced triathletes and give some sense of what it is like to take part in a 70.3 for anyone that is thinking about signing up for one.

This episode covers –

  • Checking in at the Ironman Village
  • Ironman Merchandise
  • The Mandatory Meeting
  • Equipment Check & Shakeout
  • Equipment Check-in
  • The Morning of
  • Swimming the Delaware Lake
  • Cycling in Delaware and Columbus
  • The Run Course
  • Finishing

I hope that this gives a nice overview of what it is like to experience the race.  Please use the comment section below to ask any questions or provide feedback.

Ironman Ohio 70.3Ironman Ohio 70.3Ironman Ohio 70.3

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Question of the Week:

Are you interested in participating in a Triathlon?  If you already do, what keeps you in the sport?

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