Nutrition Timing

All facets of training whether you are a runner, triathlete, tennis player, crossfitter, or weekend warrior have a dependency on diet.  As medical technology continues to increase the ability to test for different components of our blood, tissue and muscles the evolution of new diet trends will continue. As an endurance athlete I have depended […]

The Goof’s Guide to Compression

It has been a while, and I have a ton of ideas that I am anxiously awaiting to share with you. Unfortunately, time has been getting away from me. Between training myself, a full-time job and being at capacity with 15 individual clients I am struggling for time to post. I promise I will figure […]

Tribute Thursday – Matt “IronBeast” Dolitsky

There are a number of you that call me “crazy” for continuing to do Ironman Triathlons and keeping the training schedule I do during the season.  At least it is the inspiring kind of “crazy” right?  I enjoy training and obtaining results as a part of it, not to mention just maintaining my fitness level. […]

Get Faster – A Season Approach

After a few seasons of the goal being just to finish those long races, most athletes decide not only would they like to finish the races comfortably, but hit those goal times.  Is this where you are?  In my opinion, in order to achieve faster times, comfortably, with little injury and pain, comes with a […]