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IFES 001- How to Start a Fitness Journey / An Origin Story

How to Start a Fitness Journey

Episode: 001Title: How to Start a Fitness JourneySubtitle:  The Inner Fire Origin StoryFinal Show Link: This Episode:In this episode, we discussStarting a Fitness Regimen (or Journey)Inner Fire’s (or Coach Brad’s) Origin StoryThe Pleasure-Pain PrincipleHow it relates to starting and continuing a fitness regimenFollow our PodcastSubscribe to the Inner Fire Endurance Podcast:Follow the host:Follow our Host ​ […]

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Yamuna Body Rolling – Better than Foam Rolling?

Yamuna Body Rolling

  Being immersed in the fitness industry provides me with a ton of different opportunities to experience different techniques, methodologies, and products.  I recently had the privilege of a one-on-one demo of the Yamuna® body rolling technique that focuses on myofascial release. Recovery Most runners, triathletes and other endurance athletes tend to neglect recovery.  Why?  Well, […]

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Letter to the Coach

  I have been coaching for sometime now.  Once in a while, I receive an email from a client which chokes me up with pride.  Today, I received one of those letters, so instead of sharing it via a Facebook post, I decided to copy it here. The Letter to the Coach “Hello Brad, To reflect […]

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