Freedom for Passion: Network Marketing Scam or not?

The Truth about Network Marketing

Time is such at a premium nowadays, don’t you think? If I am not working, I am training.  If I am not training, I’m coaching. If I am not coaching, I am trying to find a way to leave my job, so I can spend time coaching and training, because those are my passions. Crazy […]

Tribute Thursday – Matt “IronBeast” Dolitsky

There are a number of you that call me “crazy” for continuing to do Ironman Triathlons and keeping the training schedule I do during the season.  At least it is the inspiring kind of “crazy” right?  I enjoy training and obtaining results as a part of it, not to mention just maintaining my fitness level. […]

Tribute #6 – Jessica Crate

It was apparent this was coming, right?  This woman was all over my Rock ‘n’ Roll recap, so the inspiration was already foreshadowed and if you didn’t read the last post, then prepare to be inspired. Jessica and I met on a set of commercial we were doing for some insurance company.  I never actual saw […]