Tampa Treasure Thursday – Jet City Espresso

There is a secret getaway we have here in Tampa, and it is very famous among Tampa runners and triathletes, especially if you are regular runner of the Four Green Fields Tuesday run, the McDinton’s Pub Tuesday Run, the Run for Brews Wednesday Run and the Yard of Ale Thursday run.  If you want the finest coffee and espresso drinks, the wildest and most nutritious smoothies and unbelievably delicious homemade scones and baked goods you have ever had, you need to visit Jet City Espresso.

Jet City is owned and operated by Jessica Glover whom brings a world of restaurant experience and taste to her establishment.  She is so committed to the making of good coffee and freshly baked goods, she actually converted the sun room of her house into the shop.  You want homemade baked goods?  Well, Jet City is the place to go literally.  Her scones are as delicious as they are fresh and natural.  Jessica is a fan of the most organic, natural and fresh ingredients possible.  On a gluten free diet?  No worries, she has gluten free scones, rice crispy treats and muffins.  Do you practice a Paleo lifestyle like me?  No problem there either, she provides, Paleo Brownies and Paleo Scones as well.  Your mouth is watering now isn’t it?

Speaking of Paleo, what about her espresso drinks?  Do you require Coconut or Almond milk to make your latte or cappuccino?  Again, no issue not only will she make it with your favorite milk, but if you ask her nicely she might even sweeten it with coconut sugar or organic honey as well.

I can continue to go on and on about Jessica’s delicious goods and coffee, but what makes this little secret so  special is her rare positive energy that will not allow you to feel anything but happy during your visit.  It is because of this aura of positivity that the patrons of this magical coffee house also help to continue to create an atmosphere of, well, “home.”  Walk into this place once, and you are on your way to becoming one of the family and before you know it Jessica and the other patrons are calling you by name and you are receiving hugs and kisses on the cheek whenever you enter or leave.  Well, at least that what happens to me.

The walls are covered in with paintings of local musicians that were painted by Jessica herself.  There are stands of guitars, mandolins, and banjos on the floor each of which can be picked up at any time and played with perfection by, yep, Jessica Glover herself.  When the conversation is not taken over by stories of races, upcoming athletic events, or training escapades you might be lucky to find a couple of musicians jamming out original tunes, contemporary covers, classic hits, or Jessica’s favorite, Irish Folk music.

In a society where almost all of the coffee shops are commercial, the coffee is burnt, the baked goods and food are shipped frozen and microwaved, Jet City will bring you back to times when the coffee was made to perfection, the baked goods were baked fresh daily, or sometimes hourly depending on the demand, and the environment was positive and friendly.  Beware, walking into Jet City one time guarantees you will constantly be aching to return.

Jet City Espresso
318 S Edison Ave
Tampa, FL 33606
M-F 7a-2p, Sat-Sun 11a-1p
You might remember this woman from Tribute Tuesday #1
Virginia (Maya’s Mom), Elena (Maya’s Aunt), and Maya

Susan and Maya
Susan enjoying that friendly chat.

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