How to Maintain Fitness and Wellness Habits: Tips and Techniques

How to Maintain Fitness and Wellness Habits: Tips and Techniques

Maintaining your fitness and wellness habits can be challenging, especially when life gets
busy. However, developing simple and effective strategies will help you stay on track and
keep your health a priority. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to
staying fit and healthy, complete with tips and techniques that you can implement in your
daily routine.

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In my head.

There are always interesting thoughts floating around in my head.  Of course there is a lot of room to “float” because there is nothing else taking up any room. 

After obtaining my current running fitness, I prided myself on the fact I could run on “autopilot”, where I could lean a little forward, my legs would move but in my head I could be just about anywhere I needed to be.  My first choice for solving problems and thinking about the problems of work or life, used to be the shower.  I don’t know what it was, probably the blank walls, but with the water hitting me I could float away and tackle some of the most interesting problems.  I usually would bound out of the shower singing or yelling; “I figured it out”, whatever it was.  Now my favorite time to think about my own issues, work problems, politics, etcetera is on a really long run.  I run for miles, and sometimes even more miles than planned just zoned out, and I come back refreshed and ready to take on the world.  I love it.

Now biking is a little different.  Most rides at this point I am either doing intervals, or on group rides so I have to think about cadence, speed and the wheel in front of me, but on rides that are just me where I am also not thinking about traffic, I can sometimes get into my zone.

Swimming?  No way.  I want to, I really do.  It’s just water, right?  There are no obstacles in my way, the pool is shallow and the only real maneuver I have to do is hit the wall and turn around. so why can’t I just do my laps and let my mind go.  I am hoping it’s just right now, as I am trying to get that level of fitness from swimming that I have from running.  Swimming is newer to me, and it is definitely my worst event.  I recently talked to my LMT and Biomechanic SME about it, and she said to start off by counting.  Count  my strokes, my breathes, something just to take your mind off your stroke, then maybe later on you will be able to zone out and the workout will just go that much quicker.  I can imagine the other idea is that due to the fact I do not have the same fitness level for swimming that I have for running I have not learned to enjoy it.  That is really my goal…Enjoy Swimming!!!  I like the water, I love the beach, I am not afraid of it, so why not enjoy swimming?  Something to ponder I guess.

Until next time…Live Strong..Finish Stronger!!!