Irongoof Testimonial


Tampa FL

I started running in Jan 2015 and ended up sustaining 4 injuries between February and April.  The last injury was the worst; a left fibula stress fracture.I had to back off running for a solid 2 months and then came back to it, and of course, pain in my left leg came back shortly after.I knew this is not something I could handle myself. I felt I needed a little professional help, which was about the time I heard about Brad from our hospital’s Zero-5K running course.I contacted him through the e-mail. He quickly responded and I talked to him about being injury prone. He went through his plan, stating his focus is the running form. I was very pleased to hear that thinking this could change my injury pattern, so we set up the first session later in that week.Each lesson we went through the running form step by step, including how to warm up and cool down. By the second week of the session, I could feel the difference of the way I was running. I was not as nearly as fearful about being injured as I was prior. Running was becoming a lot more enjoyable.Brad is very passionate about running and his clients. He thinks about the best approach for each individual client specifically and then explains it prior to executing.For me personally, he took a close look at my running form and even shot some video so I could look at it. (It was semi-embarrassing but it was a huge help)Of course, it was not only about form, but he also mixed up the training to have some variety. We went for a long run one day, that taught me how to pace myself. Then on another day, we did speed work, which taught me how to run at a faster pace safely.By the end of the 5 sessions, I was able to complete my first half marathon without injury. That was a big deal for me!  2 months later, I completed my second half marathon at a faster pace and a PR!  Again, no injury.I have been injury free since the sessions with Brad and I just can not thank him enough to make me realize how important the WAY you run and how it can make running so much fun.I really appreciate his enthusiasm for running, and toward his clients.My next goal is to finish a full marathon (26.2 miles) without injury.. and yes, I will be hiring coach Brad again. I am confident I can do it.”


Clearwater, FL

Being new to the area I asked my local bike shop who could help me with a training planto successfully complete a 70.3-mile duathlon? They referred me to coach Brad.Our first meeting was to understand what I wanted to accomplish, my race background and any challenges I may have such as injuries. I am an experienced runner with a nagging hip issue. Coach Brad informed me the first thing we were going to work on is my running form which should correct my hip discomfort.And he was right! After 5 weeks of learning proper running form, I am happy to say I run pain-free!I also shared with him that I train to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and I want to have fun and finish with a smile on my face when I cross the finish line for my half-iron duathlon!Our next step was to get me ready for my race by combining cycling with running. Coach Brad put together a perfect training plan that worked with my schedule.The plans were catered to my needs and he always had comments on my progress or what I needed to focus on. Coach Brad knows when to challenge you and he will let you know when you’re doing well!What I really appreciated most was his availability! If I had questions or concerns about my training plan he was always available to answer those questions! And I loved that we would meet occasionally to train together! You can really tell coach Brad is someone who truly cares about his athletes!As I continued to train with coach Brad I became very confident that the plan he created for me was going to successfully get me to the finish line of my race! When race day approached we had worked on nutrition, prepping and a race day strategy. On race day I knew I was ready!I’m happy to say I placed second in my age group for my half-iron duration! I attribute my success to Coach Brad and the best part is he remembered my goal of having fun on race day and to finish with a smile, which is exactly what I did!I’m looking forward to continuing my training with coach Brad as I know he can help me be a stronger athlete!”


Brandon, FL

In my adult years, I’ve developed a deep passion for running. I read a couple books, followed a couple training plans but I still needed direction. As I set my sights on higher goals, a friend recommended Brad “IronGoof” Minus for coaching services in June of 2014. Little did I know I lucked into one of the best coaches in Florida. His knowledge of running mechanics and injury prevention are comparable to none, not to mention he genuinely cares about his clients. I’ve never met a man more dedicated to the idea of running; he lives and breathes this sport. It’s contagious. He took this competitive, rookie runner and helped her accomplish things she never thought possible. In the 10 months that I’ve trained with Coach Minus, I’ve PR’d every distance not once, but twice. I’ve gone from a 4:27 marathon to a 3:37, a 2:00 half to a 1:42 and I’ve shaved three minutes off my 5K PR. I’ve got big dreams and I can’t imagine the journey without this man in my corner.”


Chicago, IL

I came to Brad (Irongoof) Minus with the mission of competing in a 70.3 triathlon.  I had been running for 5 years and triathlons for 3 years.  All self-trained.  Working with Brad has shown me how to make my training work …with less effort, less straining and less time both working out and creating a plan…. Oh and with better results!He was able to cut my first sprint tri by 20 min.  I ran a 10 mile hilly run 5 min faster than my best 15k ( 9.3 mi).He got me to my first 70.3 healthy and ready to race (6:18:05).  I finished my 70.3 tri feeling fresher than after my last marathon or Olympic tri.He gives great guidance to set out and do the workouts on my own. All of my training was as a virtual client (we never meet face to face). All the while checking periodically to make sure I feel good and that I understand the objectives.He was always concerned about how I felt physically and mentally and adjusted accordingly.Brad has a real passion for running and triathlons and it shows in every conversation we have and in his commitment to my success.Brad was able to work with and adjust to my random work schedule. Which was important to my success.  He welcomed my ideas and is a good sounding board. We worked to find the best solution for my goals… Together.Working with Brad was a pleasure and I could not have achieved all the success I have had… as efficiently… as I did without his coaching and expertise.”


St. Petersburg, FL

Brad is one of the most patient, understanding and dedicated coaches around. His knowledge of running mechanics and overall fitness is prevalent immediately during his meet-the-coach session. In 2014, Brad’s coached training program helped me shave over 20 minutes off my previous Olympic distance Triathlon time and almost 30 minutes off my HALF IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon time.  Brad is always available for his athletes, whether it’s via text, phone call and especially on race day. If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, Brad has the experience to help YOU get where you want to be.”

Peter Angood, MD

St. Petersburg, FL

As a first-time triathlon trainee focused on a 70.3, I started out with self-training but soon realized this is a complex sport and that I needed professional help. I connected with Brad Minus and immediately gained confidence in his training philosophy and approaches for coaching. I knew how to swim from my youth and ran as an adult but had never really been on a  bike before starting…and I travel routinely on an almost weekly basis. With my being nearly 60 years of age, Brad assessed me perfectly and set out a plan that kept me progressively enjoying the sport week-by-week and also feeling like I could comfortably complete the challenge. I remained without injury or excess biomechanical strain during the training phases and was able to complete my first 70.3 ahead of the targeted times by 30 minutes (finished close to 5 hours, 45 minutes). As a result, this was not a one-time and done event for me – I am a convert to the sport and continue with Brad as a coach who quickly reassessed my goals for the following months as we set new targets. If you are thinking of joining Brad for endurance sport training, I strongly encourage you to do so. And he is an incredibly kind, gentle, friendly person who will truly have you and your family’s best interests in the forefront. He delivers only the very best of contemporary professional help.”


Tampa, FL

After a 15 year hiatus from running races I started training for the Disney marathon as a personal goal.  I quickly began experiencing injuries in numerous places and grew very frustrated.   Before throwing in the towel, I was referred to Brad and began working with him.  I quickly gained an entirely new perspective on running form, running equipment, nutrition for athletes and  training methodologies.  Through time it became evident that I was learning much more than techniques, but rather an entirely new, and more educated, approach on how to train to achieve an athletic goal in a manner that minimizes bodily strain and the risk of injury, and maximizes performance. Brad was tremendous in all regards.  He was knowledgeable, supportive, available, and creative in his approach of managing through any challenges that surfaced in my  training regimen.  You can learn techniques from reading a book.  However, an  accomplished and experienced coach, like Brad, is vital to applying techniques and solving problems during the training journey.  I met my personal goals, and this simply would not have happened without Brad.”


Tampa, FL

I called Brad after a referral from Jessica at Jet City Espresso. I remember on the first call telling him about how I picked up cycling for fitness, as my shin splints while running became too much to endure any longer. I’m 26 and in decent shape…I hadn’t run more than a mile in over a year! The shin splints were just part of the problem; my neck and shoulder muscles would tighten after a half mile or so and the whole experience became more about enduring the pain rather than enjoying a good workout. I told Brad I had tried different stretches, icing, laying off the shin splints, etc. – all to no avail. Brad immediately gave me some therapeutic exercises that I could use to begin healing my shin splints and begin strengthening my legs again. He brings a positive and energetic attitude with him on his mission to make running, cycling and swimming more fun for everybody. Thanks to Brad I can run again, what an awesome feeling it is to be able to run 5-6 miles- WITHOUT PAIN! I know so much more about running form, stretches, etc and Brad has changed my mindset about running – it makes the whole process fun again.”