The Beginning…again.

While looking at a lot of private entries I decided in order to make myself accountable I am going to make this all  public.  What the heck right?
The title of the blog is Missing the Gene.  It is hopefully going to be the title of book I will finish in the coming months; Missing the Gene:  An Average Everyman’s Journey to the Ironman Triathlon.  It is going to be my personal journey entwined with a bunch of other stories of average people going after a dream that may only be reserved for the athletically and genetically gifted.
I was the small geek in school that always got picked on last for sandlot sports, was only played in club soccer because my father was the coach, and never could score one point for my high school cross country team.  This book is about that kid without an ounce of athleticism, driven by pure desire to end up at the finish line of the mother of all triathlons; The Ironman.

Brad Minus

is a certified running coach, triathlon coach, personal trainer and sports nutrition coach who's real passion is to help others enjoy the journey on the way to conquering their goals. He has written many articles and guest posts on the technical, nutritional and psychological aspects of endurance training. He currently lives and trains in Tampa, Florida.