Get Faster – A Season Approach

After a few seasons of the goal being just to finish those long races, most athletes decide not only would they like to finish the races comfortably, but hit those goal times.  Is this where you are?  In my opinion, in order to achieve faster times, comfortably, with little injury and pain, comes with a […]

The New York City Triathlon – Race Report

If you are following on Twitter and Facebook, then you have seen the posts regarding certain developments that have taken place.  I didn’t want anything to sully my race reporting because it was really a fantastic race, so I held off a bit so I could cool my jets.  More on those developments later, but […]

The New York City Triathlon – Before the race

Traveling for races is always exciting, but the opportunity to race in my favorite city in the world, caused an overwhelming explosion of emotions that may have actually hindered me.  I will explain that last part a bit later, but let me start from the beginning. In order to race in the NYC Triathlon from […]